Great team and great house. I would love to see the house when owners are ready to move in.

Great PhotoSession for a creative CV and portfolio.   All the best, D!    

So proud to have covered the winter edition of the festival. More pictures soon on the Portfolio section.

“Cambridge, look after this festival!” – Catfish and the bottlemen  

    Last weekend we were at LodeStar Festival. What a fantastic surprise!! There we were covering FiredUpPizza stall with tasty wood fired pizzas and a dynamic closely knitted team. Thanks for making my work easy and fun!   More pictures soon in the portfolio section.  

And yet another great MAD party! It has been great to see you guys again.  Let’s catch up soon!   And more pictures soon under new portfolio.  

Theatre at the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio. An intricate story of two characters. One relationship. Infinite possibilities.

  Three days of intensive work and really interesting talks. The down side was that there were so many fascinating authors simultaneously that I couldn’t stay to enjoy them all.   Here’s a small sample of the public waiting:  

  We are delighted to share with you all our brand new packaging. Ready to be sent!     And our first brand new packaging goes to: Cambridge Literary Festival!   .      

Really looking forward the Cambridge Literary festival! Another festival to capture!