It’s been a real pleasure to work with Cambridge Event Management. Here is part of their team at work: Professional and passionate.

And now the e-Luminate Festival 2014 is over. I’ve worked with great professionals, passionate volunteers, and incredible public. It’s been 12 days of really intense work to cover all the installations and events happening in Cambridge. I’ve captured from how the whole city of Cambridge was light up in a different light to magic tricks and Read more ..

Yey, my pictures are featured at Panasonic global site!!   HERE!

  And I was there to capture everything! First the VIP event, the Public opening ceremony with magic tricks and the Major of Cambridge speech. And last a walking tour to visit the installations. I’m glad the weather was gentle that night so that we enjoyed the walk with a gentle breeze.     

PhotoDoubleL will be covering the festival starting in two weeks! Project leading some installationsis the reason why the blog hasn’t been updated. Please, check the festival website. You can find us in the sponsors section.  It is going to be a very exciting couple of weeks with installations, workshops and even a photo competition! I Read more ..

  With a home made festive postcard, I wish you happy holidays and a bright and fabulous new year!    

  I was hired for a portrait session for the Clare College. I couldn’t ask for a better setting!  

Some pictures from last weekend’s discovery  

The Newcomers and visiting scholar’s new website with my pictures is ready! Please, have a look here: