Lluna-PhotoDoubleL-2Hello, I’m Lluna.

Every time I cover a wedding or run a photo session, I feel privileged about being part of your day; about being able to save it unobtrusively as it happens. I love to save it in photographs, which you will treasure and enjoy once the day is a wonderful memory. The stories of the day, that shared emotion, those tears, that look, the holding hands, the excitement, the unexpected and the unplanned… And the photographs of those moments is what is left after the day.

Ever since I remember I’ve carried my camera with me to capture details, to build my own memories and of those around me.

I would consider myself privileged to attend your wedding. I like to feel part of the family to make myself invisible; to better let your emotions flow. And when they do, I am ready to save them for you. When working, I am unobtrusive and tactful. The emotions are already there so it’s a matter of finding a photographic way of showing them, never interfering. Rather than taking photographs, I kindly borrow them from your day.

With every click a memory is framed.


To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event Henri Cartier-Bresson